HP Linux Imaging and Printing

Print, Scan and Fax Drivers for Linux

Configure your printer using hp-setup

Note: Using hp-setup is the easiest way to configure your printer. However you may be able to configure your printer using one of the methods below (depending on your distro and/or configuration).

  1. Configure your printer using CUPS.
  2. Configure your printer using YaST (SUSE Only)

To continue using hp-setup--read below.

Note: You will need to be root to configure your printer.


or if sudo:

sudo hp-setup

The first step is to select the printer connection type:


Next the setup tool will display printers detected (depending on the connection type selected):


The PPD files (drivers) which are most similar to your printer are displayed. Select the appropriate PPD file for your printer:


Enter your printer information:


Click FINISH to complete the printer setup process: