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Troubleshooting and/or enabling parallel support

Applies To
HPLIP Version: 
All printers with parallel connections
Linux OS Distribution(s): 

Did you install using the automatic installer?

Run: hp-check -t look for the section pp-build=, it should =yes.  If not you will need to re-install HPLIP and be sure to enable parallel support when prompted.

Important: The automatic installer no longer enables the parallel support for HPLIP.  To enable parallel support HPLIP will need to be manually installed. Depending on your distro you can go here:


Click on your distro, once you get to the "Configure" step you'll want to use the configure line provided and ADD this: --enable-pp-build

and continue with HPLIP install as documented.  If your parallel printer still does not function run the hp-check as above and verify that parallel support is enabled and continue troubleshooting as below.

Is the ppdev module loaded?


lsmod | grep ppdev

You should see something like:

ppdev                  10500  0
parport                39496  3 ppdev,lp,parport_pc

If you do not see the above--run:

modprobe ppdev

and then re-run the above command. and try configuring the printer again.

If you want to have the ppdev module loaded on boot add it to your /etc/modules file. Although this may be different depending on your linux distro.

What is your parallel port configured as in your BIOS?

Go into your system BIOS (follow your system documentation) and check that your parallel port is configure for ECP mode.

If you are still having problems.



This command displays the devices that HPLIP detects.

Verify that the UDEV rules are set correctly?

Edit the file /etc/udev/rules.d/55-hpmud.rules

Change the line: SUBSYSTEM=="ppdev", OWNER="lp", GROUP="lp", MODE="0660"

To: SUBSYSTEM=="ppdev", OWNER="lp", GROUP="lp", MODE="0666"

Save the file, disconnect the printer, reconnect.

If your printer does not show up there may be some other system problem and/or HPLIP problem.

Make sure HPLIP is running and try hp-setup again.

If you need assistance with this functionality please submit a support ticket to the HPLIP Launchpad.net Page