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How to Disable Software Install Mode on Photosmart A530 and A630

HPLIP Version: 
Photosmart A530 and A630
Linux OS Distribution(s): 

On these two products, there is an embedded UI option that makes the unit enumerate like a CDROM in a windows environment. In order for these units to install properly, in a Linux environment, this option must be deactivated.

To deactivate this option on the A530 follow these steps:

1.  Plug the power supply into the back of the A530 but do not connect the USB.

2.  Hit the "menu" button on the front of the unit.

3.  Hit the "left" button twice and select the "tools" menu by pressing the "print/ok" button.

4.  Hit the "left" button 4 times and select the "software install mode" menu.

5.  Make sure the "off" option is highlighted in orange with an orange "check" mark next to the word "off".

To deactivate this option on the A630 follow these steps:

1.  Plug the power supply in without plugging in the USB.

2,  Hit the "setup" button (it looks like a wrench) in the top right corner of the touch screen.

3.  Click on the "preferences" button.

4.  Scroll down until you see the "software install mode" button. Make sure the orange "check" mark is next to the word "off".