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Configure Digital Filing

Applies To
HPLIP Version: 
OfficeJet 8500 and others that support Digital Filing
Linux OS Distribution(s): 
Required Steps: 

This process was tested on Ubuntu 9.04 and may or may not work on other distros and versions.

Configuring Digital Filing is a 3 step process.

1.  Configure a shared folder on your computer (Ubuntu 9.04)

2.  Configure your printer to use the shared folder on your Ubuntu system for Digital Filing.

3.  Test the Digital Filing scanning functionality

4. Troubleshooting Hints

Step 1 - Configure a shared folder on your computer (or computer you want to send the Digital Filing files to)

In Gnome, right click on the Desktop (for example) and create a new folder.

Right click the folder, click rename, enter a short meaningful name.

Right click the folder, click properties.

Click Share

* At this step you may be asked to install the sharing functionality.  Follow the install instructions and continue when completed.

Click Share this Folder

Enter a short meaningful name. (for this example I'm using "Digital" as the share name)

Click Allow other people to write to this folder

Click Guest access (for now--if you want to secure this you can uncheck and add your credentials to the Digital Filing setup on your printer.)

Your shared folder should now be configured.

Step 2 - Configure your printer's Digital Filing settings.

Configure your printer's network settings per the printer manual.

View the network printer settings and write down or print your printers IP address.

In your web browser enter http://ip.address.of.printer. For example, if your printer's IP address is you would enter:

The printer configuration page should appear. If you have any errors confirm that your printer's IP address is correct and that your network is configured correctly.

Under the section "Scan - Digital Filing" click "Network Folder Setup"

Click "Add Network Folder Entry"

"Display Name": Enter a meaningful short name. You may want to use the same name as above to configure the shared folder.

"Network Path": Enter \\ip.address.of.printer\share_folder_name . For this example the correct input would be \\\Digital

"User Name" and "Password":  leave blank (unless you know your share credentials then enter those--but for this example we are leaving them blank).

"Scan Settings":  Configure these as you would like.  You may want to change the Document Type to JPEG rather than PDF--depending on your needs.

Click "Save and Test" - You should get a confirmation that the Digital Filing is configure correctly.  If not check your settings (depending on the issue).

Your Digital Filing should now be configured.

Step 3 - Test the scanning to shared folder functionality.

On your device click the Digital Filing scan, select the Digital Filing scan to share and confirm that scan is sent to the network share folder correctly.

Step 4 - Troubleshooting Hints

1.  Printer connected to your network and has a valid IP address.

2.  In some cases SAMBA does not get installed correctly.  Try purging SAMBA using Synaptic to re-installing the samba-common package.