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Known Issues in 3.9.10

HPLIP Version: 
Linux OS Distribution(s): 
  1. When attempting to print full-bleed images with any printers in the DJ4100, DJ3320, or DJ3600 classes there will be a 1/8" margin only along the top of the image. To determine if your printer is in this class please go here.
  2. Any image printed from the toolbox or hp-print will result in the image being shifted down instead of being centered. Images can be printed via the command line using an lpr command, or from 3rd party apps.
  3. When printing in Ubuntu 9.04 you will need to run "system-config-printer", from a terminal, and under the "Job Options" tab you will need to mark the box "Scale to Fit". This will scale the page so that it will show up in it's original form during the print. This issue is corrected in 9.10.
  4. When installing in Ubuntu 9.10 you will need to quit the installer, open a terminal, and run the following command:
    usermod -a -Glp
    Afterwards, log out, log back in, and run hp-setup to install the printer queue. This is a work around for an Ubuntu issue that is currently being explored.