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How to Configure Printers for WiFi Connection

HPLIP Version: 
Selected Models


Printers can be configured for wireless connection by any one of the following 3 methods.

Method I - Using hp-wificonfig/hp-setup utilities

     1.      Run ‘hp-setup’ on the terminal

     2.      Select the third option Wireless/802.11 (requires temporary USB connection and is only available for select devices)”

     3.      Follow Wireless Wizard to get the IP address

     4.      Run ‘hp-setup <IP address>’

Method II - Using Front Panel on the printer, if present

     1.      Press wireless button on the display

     2.      Select the “Wireless Menu” ->Wireless Setup Wizard”

     3.      Choose the router to connect the printer

     4.      Wait for the printer to display IP address

     5.      Run ‘hp-setup  <IP address>’

Method III - If hp-wificonfig/hp-setup fails and printer do not have panel

    1.      Download Windows driver for the particular model

    2.      Install the windows driver on your windows machine and get the IP address.

    3.      Run ‘hp-setup  <IP address>’ on Linux machine