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Printer Support


Question: Help I can't find my printer in the supported printers list!


  1. Please check the All Supported Devices list to verify your printer is supported, or you can submit a question to the HPLIP Launchpad.net Page.

Question: My printer is unsupported, when will it be supported?


  1. Most newer models are supported 2-3 weeks after the public release, sometimes even before that. Some older models that are not supported are being researched for possible support in the future, although this may or may not happen depending on the printer and technical details involved.
  2. Some printers are unsupported and will most likely stay unsupported. The reasons for this may include issues with intellectual property, technical issues, or limited production numbers. Be advised that printers that appear on the unsupported list may never be supported by HPLIP.


Question: Are drivers available for the Deskjet 710C, 712C, 720C, 722C, 820Cse, 820Cxi, 1000Cse, 1000Cxi; or LaserJet 1000, 3100; or Color LaserJet 1500, 2600 printers?

Answer: These are non-standard host based printers. Currently there are no plans to support these printers in HPLIP. Ghostscript print filters for the Deskjet products can be found at the pnm2ppa project.

Question: My printer was not listed in the previous question, and is not listed in the product support table. When will a driver be available for my printer?

Answer: Our plan is to provide support for new printers as quickly as possible after they are introduced. Standard support timeframes vary from within 1 week to 1 month. However support can sometimes take longer than this.

Question: Are HP Designjet printers supported?

Answer: No. However, Postscript PPD files are available for several HP DesignJet models.

Question: Are Apollo printers supported?

Answer: Printing functionality is only supported.

Question: Are devices with only a parallel port supported?

Answer: Yes, they are supported (with a few exceptions)

Question: Are HP Photosmart printers supported?

Answer: Yes, they are supported (with a few exceptions)

Question: Are HP Officejet All-in-ones and MFPs supported?

Answer: Yes, they are supported (with a few exceptions).


Question: Does HPLIP support networked printers?

Answer: Yes, HPLIP supports printers that are directly network connected (via a built-in Ethernet port) or connected to a network via a JetDirect.

Question: Does HPLIP support a SAMBA setup/configuration?

Printers that are shared via a Windows share and SAMBA are not supported (you can however, print to devices shared with SAMBA using CUPS with the smb: backend). Printers that are shared via CUPS from another Linux PC on a network are supported by HPLIP. However printing only will work--extended functionality such as scanning, photo card and status will not.