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Are you going to provide binaries (RPM, Deb, etc) for my distribution?


Currently these are no plans to provide binaries (RPM, Deb, etc). Binaries are available through the major distributions.

What distributions/operating systems are supported?


HPLIP is designed for use on Linux operating systems.  We regularly test HPLIP on a select group of leading market-share Linux distributions, primarily: Ubuntu, Fedora Core, SuSE, and Red Hat.  Other distributions are tested on occasion, but on an irregular basis.  Users have reported success in getting HPLIP to work on dozens of other Linux distributions.  We currently do not test BSD, UNIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, or Darwin.  It is altogether possible that some advanced users have been successful in modifying HPLIP for use on these systems, but we do not document or provide support on such uses of HPLIP.

Can HPLIP be used in CUPS?


Yes, HPLIP requires CUPS. HPIJS can be used under CUPS, PDQ, or LPD with foomatic. See linuxprinting.org for more information.

Is the source code available?


Yes, the source code is available on this website in the download section.

Which types of software licenses apply to HPLIP?


HPIJS is licensed under the BSD licence. HPLIP is licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. More information can be found on the license page and the COPYING file in the source tarball.

When would I want to use HPIJS instead of HPLIP?


There are several possible reasons:

  1. On a server where no GUI is present and only shared printing is desired.
  2. When printing to a SAMBA shared printer (using the CUPS smb: backend, for example).
  3. There is a desire to have the smallest printing system possible.

Most people do NOT need to do this.


How are HPLIP and HPIJS related?


HPIJS is a subcomponent of HPLIP. HPIJS provides basic printing support for non-postscript printers. HPIJS can operate in any spooler environment (including no spooler). HPIJS provides no I/O. HPLIP provides I/O for bi-directional communication, scanning, photo card access, and toolbox functionality. HPLIP requires the CUPS spooler.

What is included with HPLIP?


HPLIP is a complete imaging and printing system for CUPS that includes HPIJS.

HPIJS is the basic printing driver that supports printing from CUPS, LPD, PPR, and other spoolers.

When using HPLIP for scanning, what program should I use?


HPLIP should support all SANE front-end applications. We have tested scanning with xsane, xscanimage, and kooka. The scanadf application is not supported.

Does HPLIP support a SAMBA setup/configuration?


Printers that are shared via a Windows share and SAMBA are not supported (you can however, print to devices shared with SAMBA using CUPS with the smb: backend).

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